Young Adult Program

The Young Adult Program (YAP) at S.T.A.R. is designed to provide specialized groups, activities, and outings that are not only fun and appealing to a younger crowd, but also address many of the struggles young people face today. We feel passionate about promoting self-reliance, independence, and essential life skills in what we believe, are the future of our community. We do this by offering a number of opportunities for the members to engage in healthy socialization and recovery so as to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Activities for YAP include but are not limited to: Fun groups at all 3 S.T.A.R. centers, Dances and Socials, Sport Events, Concerts and Shows, Theme Parks, Go-Kart Racing, Museums/zoo, and much more!

Membership for S.T.A.R. Young Adult Program is available to Title XIX (19) and Non-Title XIX (19) adults in Maricopa County who are between the ages of 18-25 years old and are receiving SMI services.

Food and Transportation:
Food is provided at all YAP events at no cost to the member. Transportation for events is provided for all S.T.A.R. Young Adult members. When your transportation is confirmed you will be advised of your pick up location.

Activity Attendance:
All activities will be at no cost to the members. For those activities requiring a ticket to enter the event, it is very important that you attend or cancel your reservation within 24 hour prior to the event so that another member will be able to go.

Dates of Activities:
Calendars listing the activities for each month will be posted at all S.T.A.R. Centers. Calendars will also be posted on S.T.A.R.’s website.
Young Adult Calendar

Michael Savala is the Young Adult Program Director. You can email the Young Adult Program at