ILS Food Classes: Members will learn how to shop, cook, and store healthy foods in their homes. Within this course, participants will attend one class per week, for 1 hour each session, for at least 8 weeks. This class will teach basic skills on how to read a simple recipe (know the difference between blend, chop, dice, bake, broil, etc.); learn basic nutrition; operate a microwave, oven, stove top, and grill; and go to a grocery store to learn how to buy healthy foods with a low income budget. Participants must be enrolled with S.T.A.R. There is no cost to the member. Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a report card showing they have successfully completed all aspects of the course or will indicate where further one-on-one supports may be needed to reach the highest potential.

Transportation: Limited transportation is available to and from each center. Members within a 10 mile radius will be eligible for S.T.A.R. shuttle. Shuttle Service is at 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM. Members must sign up in advance or call the center by 7 AM the day of pick up. Members, who live outside of the 10 mile radius, may choose to take the bus, arrange transportation with the clinical team, or with ComTrans.

Peer Services: S.T.A.R.’s peer process allows us to help each member achieve their goals. It can be as simple as a one-to-one discussion or as active as a group discussion. Groups take place in a non-threatening atmosphere. Goal setting, anger management, symptom management, men/women group, and addiction support are all topics covered in peer support groups. We are all in recovery, just in different stages. S.T.A.R.’s goal is for each member to move forward in their recovery to reach their goals, whether that goal is getting a job, developing healthy relationships, or just getting out of bed each day.

Community Integration (Field Trips): S.T.A.R.’s vision is for adults living with a mental illness to live independently and to learn the skills necessary to contribute within our community to the best of their ability. With this in mind, S.T.A.R. offers field trips to members so that they can practice the skills learned while participating in groups. This may including, going to a store and staying within a budget, going to the movies and practicing appropriate social skills, or going to a place to volunteer to give back to the community.

Food Share: At each S.T.A.R. center there is a food share program. S.T.A.R. members can shop once a week, with S.T.A.R. dollars (in house money) earned through their participation in the daily upkeep of the center. There are several food items to choose from to help supplement member’s food supply.

Clothing Closet: At each S.T.A.R. center there is a clothing closet program. S.T.A.R. members can shop once a week, with S.T.A.R. dollars (in house money) earned through their participation in the daily upkeep of the center. There are several items to choose from including shirts, pants, socks, shoes, and hygiene products. These items are to help supplement a member’s clothing/hygiene supply.

General Education: S.T.A.R. believes in life long learning. Each center has a lending library and open computer labs. Basic computer skills classes are available.

Socialization: Because of the stigma attached to mental illness, socialization skills are not always evident in our member’s lives. S.T.A.R. encourages members to attend groups to build their socialization skills, participating in outings, and social events. Each center has an opportunity to do Arts and Crafts which can also help with improving socialization skills.

Nutrition: Meals are served at each S.T.A.R. center. It is S.T.A.R.’s aim to ensure that all meals are well balanced. Continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks are served six days a week.  Members are eligible to eat lunch if they have participated in at least one recovery group and sign up for or completed a chore for the day.

Physical Health Wellness: S.T.A.R. recognizes the need for physical health wellness along with mental health wellness. There is gym equipment located at each S.T.A.R. center that members may use. S.T.A.R. also offers a field trip to the local gym for more opportunities to exercise