Membership Info

S.T.A.R. – Stand Together and Recover Centers has a simple intake and referral process. A recipient of behavioral health services may self-refer or have a member of their clinical team refer them. The service recipient may send the required paperwork ahead of attending orientation or they may begin the paperwork when they come in for orientation.

Tour and Intake: The prospective member does not need an appointment. Please arrive at the Recovery Center of your choice Monday-Friday 10:00am-2:00pm. (Please check the calendar to make sure we are open due to holidays.)

What to expect when you arrive: First, a staff person will walk you through the building to explain the program and show you the center. If you choose to enroll with us, then a staff member will sit down with you to fill out the Intake Packet, which is also located at the bottom of this page. Membership Application and other forms. They will then review the Disruption Policy which is a behavior code that all members follow. You may also choose to apply for membership in the Fun Bunch activity program. If you do, Please fill out the Intake Packet and check Fun Bunch.

Upon completing the tour and intake process, you will be offered to stay for the remainder of the day as a guest, you may have lunch with other members and participate in on site events for that day.  It would be a good idea to have your ride scheduled by 2pm, we do not offer transportation until you are a member. After your tour day, you will have to wait until we receive all parts of the referral packet from your case manager or clinical team.

What we need from your clinical team: We will send a Referral Request Form to your case manager. They need to answer two questions, sign the form, and return it along with your ARCP, a current copy of your ISP parts D and E, signed and dated. Once all three of these are received by S.T.A.R. Administration your membership is complete.

When can I return as a member? Once all three forms are received from your case manager or clinical team, a staff person will contact you by phone to let you know your membership is complete and you may begin attending the S.T.A.R. Center at any time. When you are a member, you may attend any of the three centers.

Transportation: Limited transportation is available to and from each Center.

Intake Packet