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The STAR centers has a huge variety of activities, outings, events, groups, arts and crafts, bowling, recovery groups, and independent living skills groups.

STAR Central
STAR Central, our downtown location has many groups, activites, art and crafts, as well as outings, and plenty of things to do.
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STAR East has recently added to it’s location “The All-Star Zone,” where members can attend groups, meetings, classes, events, or even play the Wii. STAR East offers a wide variety of groups, classes, outings, and is the home of our ILS Cooking Class, with Chef Nancy.
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STAR West is our location in Avondale. There, the members can attend groups, classes, outings, and they have extensive art classes with Max.They also hosts Fun Bunch events as well.
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Fun Bunch
The Fun Bunch provides outings that normaly wouldn’t be possible to our members. These are some of the events The Fun Bunch has provided.
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Young Adult Program
The Young Adult Program has outings and events at our centers and thoughout the valley. The Young Adult Program is geared towards those ages 18-25 are in a transitional state into adulthood.
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Special Events
STAR often hosts special events throughout the valley. The latest event was Public Joes vs. NFL in a game of basketball. We also take our members to Kohl’s Ranch in Payson.
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